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​Kindergarten and crèche at Idrætsinstitutionen Trekanten

Our core values are centered around the outdoors, physical education, speech development and a healthy diet in our private institution, Idrætsinstitutionen Trekanten.

With our focus on nature and the outdoors, we are in possession of two buses which are utilized every day and we have our own adventure playground, Grunden at our disposal, which is located in the countryside. Besides the children spending time every day outdoors, our institution is also a certified sports kindergarten and one of the few in the country to enjoy having its own gym.

Our fees cover three meals, light morning snack, full lunch and an afternoon snack. This ensures the children eat healthy meals throughout the day and makes packing a lunch unnecessary.

Our staff are all trained with degrees in Social Education as pedagogues and are fully competent in working with their respective age groups in our institution, with the exception of a few assistants and interns undergoing their degree in Social Education.

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We go on many adventures in our bus!​

​Educated teachers

The personnel in Idrætsinstitutionen Trekanten has a high professional level. Almost all employees are educated pedagogues.

We are a sports-oriented day care institution

We focus on body and movement

We believe that a greater body awareness promotes the child's learning

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We are a private day care institution in Odense, with a focus on nature, sports and a healthy diet, which we believe promotes the child's learning.

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