We have many traditions that help to make the year varied for children and adults. The regular parties and occasions throughout the year we use to teach the children social skills and teach them about diet, senses and culture.

This year's time in BC Trekanten

For Shrove Tuesday, everyone dresses up beyond recognition and knocks the cat off the barrel.

For the Hurlumhej party in the nursery, we challenge the senses of taste and touch. Among other things, we go on flour, raisins and cornflakes (and toss with it) and ends with a large, varied meal with lots of challenges for the sense of taste.

Easter is celebrated throughout the BC Trekanten.

​We cut, paint eggs and sow cress.

Sct. Hans celebrates the kindergarten children with bonfires, bonfire speeches and Midsummer songs on the grounds.

The nursery holds Sct. Hans in the allotment garden, with a mini bonfire and songs.

It is a tradition that all the children get sausages with bread and the kindergarten gets a little ice cream.

Summer party in August. Here, all the children's families are invited to a nice day with the staff, where we do different activities.

Harvest weeks In September, we hold harvest weeks with a focus on all the wonderful vegetables we eat every day. The kindergarten is out visiting farmers where they themselves pull vegetables out of the ground. The kindergarten ends the theme with an harvest party on the grounds. The nursery does this in their own living rooms.

Health Week is held in October throughout the BC Triangle. Here we work with different approaches had health can be. For example, we can make our own apple juice, make apple prints or bake apple cake, so the children get an experience of how much the apple can give us. We can do jogging, focus on heart rate and fitness or what a family looks like today in Denmark.

For the Christmas party, we gather all the children's families for a cozy afternoon, where the parents can meet for a cozy afternoon in the spirit of Christmas.

Grandparents' Day in December, the nursery invites the grandparents to a cozy day, where fine decorations are made, cut and pasted, which ends with lunch.

Christmas lunch for all the children - with many different offers for the taste buds.


We are a private day care institution in Odense, with a focus on nature, sports and a healthy diet, which we believe promotes the child's learning.

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