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(6 to 34 months)

In our nursery we divide the children into 3 groups of 12. We have 3 educated adults on each group. We are working this way to secure the best social development between the children, between the children and staff and in this way we can develop a longterm cooperation with the parents. In this way, we also minimum the number of changes, where the child should meet new adults during there stay in our nursery. 

During the day we have activities between 9 am to 12 am. Some of our activities could be small games that's develops the childs motorskills, there social behavior (working together or experiences itself in the group) and the mental behavior in terms of cognition (understands a message) and psychological state (self-esteem).​

We work with enhancing our children’s social competencies. We do this by dividing our children into small groups; making sure they fully understand what we expect of them; expressing everything we do verbally together with our bodylanguage.

We work with teaching our children to show respect for the nature, by teaching them how to enjoy the countryside no matter the weather.

We do this by: giving them, good outdoor experiences in the adventure playground, our allotment and the surrounding countryside; taking each group out to explore the countryside.

Ones a year, we have a parents meeting without our children, and we do have personal interviews as well. Interested in more information please call us for an appointment.


We are a private day care institution in Odense, with a focus on nature, sports and a healthy diet, which we believe promotes the child's learning.

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