We are playing a lot outside

The great outdoors

Every child comes outside every day.

A few years ago Idrætsinstitutionen Trekanten drew up a nature profile, and this characterize our everyday teaching activities. In crèche the children spend time outdoors every day of the week as a matter of principle. They may stay in our own delightful playground, visit the kitchen garden, or go for walks in the vicinity. 

The same principle applies to the kindergarten: our children are outdoors much of the time. Trips away from “home” grow longer as the children get older. Kindergarten children take the coach to our adventure playground or other countryside locations in Fynen rich in nature, depending on the weather. 

In practical terms, what does our emphasis on nature mean? 

  • That our children develop understanding and respect for nature and experience it for themselves by spending time in the countryside every day.
  • That our parents can appreciate that we use nature and its materials in our teaching activities; that our staff use nature as a teaching tool to aid each child’s development
  • That our facilities are designed to promote coordination, balance and confidence, that our coaches transport us to our base, Grunden, and on outings elsewhere in Fynen.

To underpin our adherence to our nature profile we have enhanced staff nature skills and competencies. These include: 

  • Engagement
  • Fingertip knowledge
  • Respect
  • Senses
  • Motor skills
  • Campfires/meals


We are a private day care institution in Odense, with a focus on nature, sports and a healthy diet, which we believe promotes the child's learning.

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